AS I AM Episode 3: K-Pop and Anime

Episode 3 of my podcast As I Am is now up on SoundCloud. This episode is a call back to the K-Pop beat I reported on all through last year (content from which can be found here on my website).

This episode analyzes the popularity of K-Pop and Anime, two parts of East Asian pop culture which have taken the West by storm in recent years and their respective fandoms in their tendencies to fetishize and exploit East Asian people.

New Podcast: AS I AM

I just released the first episode of my podcast, AS I AM. AS I AM is a series in which I am going to be discussing Asian representation in Western mainstream media and pop culture. In each episode, I’ll be analyzing different forms of media and the Asian characters who appear in them, deciding at the end whether or not the representation was well-executed.

Through this exploration into representation, my intention is to educate listeners on how Asian media representation has been affected by factors like immigration, colonialism, and imperialism while explaining important issues to Asian-American studies such as the model minority myth, orientalism, and racial triangulation.

In episode one, I discuss my background and why the issue of representation is so important. You can find it here on Soundcloud.